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Do I Need a Business Coach?   [edit]
For many companies over time they realize the building is losing momentum and isn’t growing the way it should. This can be a result of many factors from a business owner that is exhausted and put in too much of their time without handing the reigns over to a more than capable staff member.

Other factors can be staff that have no direction and a business that is plodding along day after day. Many company owners choose a business coach to come in and look at their daily operations and come up with innovative ways to push the company to the next level.

What Can a Business Coach Do?

If you feel that you have invested so much time in your business, but it is not offering the rewards you were expecting, then it may be time to bring in a business coach that can assist in turning your business into the profitable empire you were hoping to achieve.

A business coach will take a look at your business and how it operates and then with strategic planning and organization, they will help you and your staff work towards a common goal. This sometimes includes team building exercises, creative thinking and ensuring everyone knows what the goal is and how you are going to get there.

I’m Just So Tired

Business owners have a tendency to put too much effort into their businesses, especially at start up. While this is understandable, over time it will take a toll on the owner, cause them to slow down, stop investing in themselves and have the firm belief the company cannot operate without them being onsite.

This has been seen time and time again and often results in the owner burning out completely. A business coach can help a business owner release the reigns of the business a little, start living their life as the company pushes to achieve new goals and continue with an improved success rate.

Meet Jerome Hartigan

Jerome Hartigan is a top business coach in New Zealand and has helped many companies achieve new success in the past ten years for instance check out http://jeromehartigan.com/testimonials/ .

Jerome Hartigan was a professional athlete and reached professional status by the tender age of sixteen. He later achieved his goal and represented Ireland in the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

From there Jerome opened and ran many successful businesses for twenty years and realized that he could help companies in New Zealand achieve their goals. For the past ten years, Jerome has been coaching companies throughout the country and helping them reach new levels through strategic planning, innovative thinking and team building.

This inspirational leader is a creative and logical thinking and his strategic planning ideas are proven to work. The companies that Jerome Hartigan has helped in the past are all achieving exceptional results.

Jerome’s focus is to help every company grow, whether they have become stagnant or whether the business owner has lost focus. Through up-skilling staff to ensuring all staff are working towards a common goal, Jerome Hartigan ensures results are achieved.